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Arctic Wolf

I love wolves, probably because I love dogs. I’ve always had them, ever since I was little (dogs, that is!). All kinds, too.

This one reminds me of a Samoyed I once owned. Probably the happiest dog I’ve ever owned. Seriously, he could make the entire Disney empire look depressed and in need of meds. While this guy isn’t quite that happy, he does resemble my dog.

I was surprised to find the wolves active; they’re usually very sedate whenever I visit the zoo. It was a hot July day and the wolves were moving briskly through the enclosure. I caught this one pausing and snapped away.

Photo Deets: Heavily cropped, I also thought about Ps’ing away the grass stain and dirt from around his eyes, but in the end decided against it. I may have to revisit that decision though, as that dirt blob is really bugging me. I was also able to get my lens close enough to the wire barricade that the lens couldn’t focus on it, effectively turning it invisible in the shot. 400mm, 1/640, f/8, ISO100, on a monopod.


Mountain Eastern Bluebird

Watching and photographing this little guy was a treat. It started with his not-as-colorful mate, flying out of the nest-hole to a nearby branch when she realized I was close by. Then this guy came by, first delivering some food to the nest and then taking her place on the branch. While the female flew back into the nest-hole, he obliged me by keeping still, occasionally hopping to a new branch, but mostly just watching me and effectively moving me away from the nest. A true protector.

I love the detail in this photo. Not much info to reveal – taken on Father’s Day 2008. 400mm, with a monopod, 1/30s, ISO100. I don’t remember if IS was on, but it probably was, since this was one of the first images I took with my set-up.

**Update** – I have since learned that this is actually an Eastern Bluebird, and not a Mountain Bluebird. A simple Google Images search will show you why.

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I feel hot. Bright sun hot. Sweaty hot. Oppressively hot. The panting, the bowed head, the highlights, all combine to convey summer heat. For me, anyway. How about you? Feel like a cool drink?

Gorillas and Elk and Baseball are Mutually Exclusive, You Dope!

2008 elk rut

2008 elk rut

Another question I might get is why the elk header when your blog’s name is Photogorilla? Well, the short answer is that I’m an idiot. The long answer:

The elk photo is there simply because I don’t have a gorilla photo that I can use as a header with this particular theme. Yeah, I know. It’s nowhere near as funny as the gorilla story. But I’m working on it. Getting the photo, that is – I don’t want to come up with a funny elk-photo-header story. Because it would be lame. I’d rather let you folks come up with the funny stuff down there in the comments section. Where it’s dark and dreary, maybe even a little lonely (for now) … but funny. And Cheetoh-ey. Because you have to have Cheetoh’s when you bring the funny, don’t you??

Anyway, the elk photo was taken during the 2008 rut at Rocky Mountain National Park. Which is a great event for you to see if you ever get the chance. Now, the locals may not be too happy with me advertising the rut, because it’s already pretty darn crowded up there at that time. But it really is one of those great moments in life, and everyone should experience it at least once. The sheer number of elk that show up on a nightly basis is pretty impressive. But then it gets better; the first time you hear the bugle, well, it’s one of those “wow” moments. You won’t forget it either. Because the next time your at the ballpark, someone is going to blow on one of those long plastic trumpets. It’s not the same thing, but it’s close enough. And what better way is there to ease the pain of watching your 2007 National League Championship team getting their sorry butts kicked over and over, than closing your eyes and remembering the elk and the rut.

If you want to see a larger version, simply go to my Smugmug account. You’ll find it in the wildlife gallery.

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**Update** – Since posting this, I’ve changed my blog theme, thereby making references to the header photo irrelevant.
I told you I was an idiot.

What’s a Photogorilla, Anyway?

What a Photogorilla looks like.

What a Photogorilla looks like.

I suppose the first question I might get is why Photogorilla? Well, read on, MacDuff!

Photogorilla comes from my kids. Actually, gorilla comes from my kids, photo is just my hobby (for now). Some years ago, I was shopping in a toy store with my family when we came across a fun little toy. It was an animated gorilla that would turn his head back and forth, grunting several times before baring his vicious teeth and letting out a large growl. My oldest, who was around 5 or 6 at the time, innocently remarked, “That’s just like daddy when he gets up in the morning!” After the laughter died down, we bought the gorilla and it’s been a running joke in our family ever since.

Details: Taken with a thrifty 50, available window light (west-facing), and aluminum foil as a reflector because I don’t own one of these.

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And So It Begins…

I’m not really sure what form this blog will take. I do know that I would like my photography to develop into something more than a hobby. What I want it to develop into – well, I don’t know that yet either! Initially, I would like to derive a small income from it. One that would at least help me to support buying gear. Because as anyone who is involved in dslr photography knows (cover your ears, kids), this $#|+’$ expensive! Whatever happens though, I think I need to get my work “out there”, and that’s why I have this blog.

I’ve also started putting my stuff up at smugmug. If you’re interested, you can check it out at I am also looking for any person, company, or organization that would be interested in my photography, so if you have any info, please pass it along.

Initially, I will post photo’s here and discuss them somewhat. Hopefully, you folks will want to comment on it. What happens from there is anybody’s guess.

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