What’s a Photogorilla, Anyway?

What a Photogorilla looks like.

What a Photogorilla looks like.

I suppose the first question I might get is why Photogorilla? Well, read on, MacDuff!

Photogorilla comes from my kids. Actually, gorilla comes from my kids, photo is just my hobby (for now). Some years ago, I was shopping in a toy store with my family when we came across a fun little toy. It was an animated gorilla that would turn his head back and forth, grunting several times before baring his vicious teeth and letting out a large growl. My oldest, who was around 5 or 6 at the time, innocently remarked, “That’s just like daddy when he gets up in the morning!” After the laughter died down, we bought the gorilla and it’s been a running joke in our family ever since.

Details: Taken with a thrifty 50, available window light (west-facing), and aluminum foil as a reflector because I don’t own one of these.

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