Mountain Eastern Bluebird

Watching and photographing this little guy was a treat. It started with his not-as-colorful mate, flying out of the nest-hole to a nearby branch when she realized I was close by. Then this guy came by, first delivering some food to the nest and then taking her place on the branch. While the female flew back into the nest-hole, he obliged me by keeping still, occasionally hopping to a new branch, but mostly just watching me and effectively moving me away from the nest. A true protector.

I love the detail in this photo. Not much info to reveal – taken on Father’s Day 2008. 400mm, with a monopod, 1/30s, ISO100. I don’t remember if IS was on, but it probably was, since this was one of the first images I took with my set-up.

**Update** – I have since learned that this is actually an Eastern Bluebird, and not a Mountain Bluebird. A simple Google Images search will show you why.

Until next time,


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