First time I brought a guest to the zoo, she sat along the window pane to the orangutan enclosure and one of the females came right up and sat down opposite her. Within minutes they were both slowly pawing at the glass and leaning their heads toward each other. It was an incredible moment and one which was only recorded on a HI-8 camcorder – no photos.

Lesson learned – I always consider bringing a camera with me now whenever I leave the house. It’s a routine, and it gets occasional groans from my family. Oh well – part of the price I pay for this “hobby”.

Deets – I found this guy outside the enclosure just hanging around in the hammock. There were no openings from which to take shots. So I looked for the cleanest part of the window, pressed the lens up against the viewing glass, and fired away. I love looking into his eyes. 400mm, 1/125, f5.6, ISO800.


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