Ft. Logan Building #6

The land was first occupied by the U.S. Army in 1887, following a request by citizens of Denver, CO for a fort in an area they felt was still isolated from the rest of the country. This despite the fact that the government had started closing some of its more isolated forts now that most Native Americans had been moved onto reservations.

A temporary barracks and guardhouse were completed by the soldiers of the 18th Infantry in December of that same year. I believe this building was added to the fort by the 18th Engineers in the 1930’s. There is at least one building left on the grounds that was built in 1889 and I will go back to photograph that at a later date.

The fort was closed in 1946 and the Veteran’s Administration used the fort’s hospital building from then until 1951, when they moved into new digs in Denver. In 1949, 214 acres on the western edge of the post became Fort Logan National Cemetery. This included the original 3.2 acre post cemetery first used in 1889.

Today over 200 acres of the original fort now are home to the State of Colorado and the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan as well as some other social programs run by the state. Many of the buildings currently on the property were built in the 1960’s when the state was deeded the land.

Photo Deets: Nifty fifty, 1/800, f/4, ISO400 as a sliver of afternoon light broke through a large, overcast sky.

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