More About Boston

Continuing on a theme, here’s another from my trip to Boston.

The tombstone to the right belongs to one Captain Daniel Malcom. Not much is known about him, save for two particular items: 1) He was a smuggler, and he once got 60 barrels of wine past the British without paying taxes on them and, 2) his tombstone is evidence of British marksmanship. It seems the British occupied Copps’ Hill during the Revolutionary War and to pass the time, they would shoot at the tombstones in the cemetery. The pock marks you see in the photo are the marks left by British musket balls. I especially like the placement of the mark up top.

The inscription reads:

“Here lies buried in a
Stone Grave 10 feet deep
Capt. Daniel Malcom merch
who departed this Life
october 23d 1769
Aged 44 Years
a true son of Liberty
a friend to the Publick
an Enemy to oppression
and one of the foremost
in opposing the Revenue Acts
on America.”

Photo Deets: 1/80, f/4.5, ISO640 @22mm. Overcast conditions, with a slight mist falling.

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