Mourning Dove

Caught this one on my fence in the backyard. I’ve always found these birds to be quite shy and prone to flying off quickly, but this one surprised me. It had been perching itself on the same spot of the fence near my back door at the same time every day. I hesitated to take its picture for fear that I would scare it away. Strangely enough, when I first decided to go outside, it stayed on its perch! It even allowed me to approach! I decided to push the envelope and see how close I could get. I moved ever so slowly, watching for reactions and tips as to when I was getting too close. By the time it got nervous enough to fly off, I was probably within 5-7 feet! Awesome stuff!

Deets: 1/125; f/5.6; ISO400; 100-400 @ 260mm. It was around 5 or 6 on a summer evening, but it was a cool and cloudy day, hence the high ISO.

Until next time,


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