Not Such A Gambling Man


Any of you reading this who know me know that I am not a morning person. This is why, even though I live in a state with some pretty incredible sunrises, I have only now gotten around to getting a shot of one. Now you may ask why, if I am not a morning person, don’t I get shots of some pretty incredible sunsets instead? Well, to you I say, “Look at the beautiful colors in this image! Aren’t they gorgeous?”

Seriously, aren’t they? I was up early and since I knew that the day before had a great sunrise, I guessed that this day might have one as well. So, I took the camera out with me and captured this beauty. Now I understand why nature photographers get up so early. I also understand why some of them will hike long hours in total darkness just to get to a particular spot for just a chance at capturing such intense and beautiful colors. Because in the end, that’s what great light in landscape photography is – a chance. A risk that you’re going to get incredible light. And those that are willing to take the risk, get rewards like this. But since I’m not much of a gambling man, you’re probably not going to find me making overnight hikes for a shot at great light. However, you just might see me out there at sunset a little more often; after all, I don’t have to get up early for that!

Deets: .8sec, f/11, ISO100, 22mm, tripod mounted, cropped. I don’t remember if MLU was used, but my guess is probably not. Make sure you check out the larger version on Flickr. It looks so much better.

Until next time,


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