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Not Such A Gambling Man


Any of you reading this who know me know that I am not a morning person. This is why, even though I live in a state with some pretty incredible sunrises, I have only now gotten around to getting a shot of one. Now you may ask why, if I am not a morning person, don’t I get shots of some pretty incredible sunsets instead? Well, to you I say, “Look at the beautiful colors in this image! Aren’t they gorgeous?”

Seriously, aren’t they? I was up early and since I knew that the day before had a great sunrise, I guessed that this day might have one as well. So, I took the camera out with me and captured this beauty. Now I understand why nature photographers get up so early. I also understand why some of them will hike long hours in total darkness just to get to a particular spot for just a chance at capturing such intense and beautiful colors. Because in the end, that’s what great light in landscape photography is – a chance. A risk that you’re going to get incredible light. And those that are willing to take the risk, get rewards like this. But since I’m not much of a gambling man, you’re probably not going to find me making overnight hikes for a shot at great light. However, you just might see me out there at sunset a little more often; after all, I don’t have to get up early for that!

Deets: .8sec, f/11, ISO100, 22mm, tripod mounted, cropped. I don’t remember if MLU was used, but my guess is probably not. Make sure you check out the larger version on Flickr. It looks so much better.

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Mailbox Afro

an image of a snow covered mailbox

20 inches! And it’s not done yet, although it has slowed down considerably since yesterday. This was no surprise storm, as it had been predicted for several days. It’s the first big storm for the ’09 – ’10 winter and it delivered exactly as the forecasters promised – pretty impressive (the storm AND the forecasters)!

This is a shot of the front of the house after it was shoveled for the 3rd time in two days. That’s about a 13″ buildup on top of the mailbox! The city’s snowplows also left me a present this morning, making it more difficult to dig out. That’s a bit unusual for them. They usually plop a pile between my neighbors driveway and mine, but not last night. Oh well, it’s not like I’ve got much else that can get done today anyway.

Sorry about the large gaps between posts. I’m working on some stuff and haven’t gotten around to posting. I’m still taking photo’s though and at some point, some of them will make it onto here.

Photo Deets: 1/500, f5.6, ISO200 @ 10mm, cropped. Overcast conditions and if you look closely you can see it is snowing in the picture.

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***Update*** – Forgot to mention – if you click the picture, you’ll get taken to my photostream on Flickr.



I feel hot. Bright sun hot. Sweaty hot. Oppressively hot. The panting, the bowed head, the highlights, all combine to convey summer heat. For me, anyway. How about you? Feel like a cool drink?

And So It Begins…

I’m not really sure what form this blog will take. I do know that I would like my photography to develop into something more than a hobby. What I want it to develop into – well, I don’t know that yet either! Initially, I would like to derive a small income from it. One that would at least help me to support buying gear. Because as anyone who is involved in dslr photography knows (cover your ears, kids), this $#|+’$ expensive! Whatever happens though, I think I need to get my work “out there”, and that’s why I have this blog.

I’ve also started putting my stuff up at smugmug. If you’re interested, you can check it out at I am also looking for any person, company, or organization that would be interested in my photography, so if you have any info, please pass it along.

Initially, I will post photo’s here and discuss them somewhat. Hopefully, you folks will want to comment on it. What happens from there is anybody’s guess.

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